What’s It Like Being an INFP?

being an INFP

“What’s it like being an INFP?”

I found that question on Quora.com and I think it makes a great topic for an article, not because of a sudden narcissistic desire to talk about myself, but because it could help you discover a part of yourself. And I am more than happy to help.

INFP is one of the 16 personality types defined by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. The acronym stands for INtroversion, INtuition, Feeling, Perception – basically the ingredients mixed together to create magical human beings. 🦄✨*Sorry, I could not help myself.*

So… What’s it like being an INFP?

Sunny – Cloudy ;  Passive – Active ; Full – Empty ; Crazy – Sane. INFP.  I feel that more than other introverts, we are walking antonym pairs. We love using our imagination, yet procrastination is there most of the times. We often have thoughts to share. A LOT of them. But we’d rather stay silent. We’d love to be remembered for something important, but we want to remain unknown. We are not so sure of what we want, huh?

You know you are an INFP if you’re forever adding to a plot inside your mind. 💭You see possibilities everywhere, and you could turn the dullest details into fantasy stories. Always noticing scenes, movements, moments, reactions that are overlooked by others.

FULL of Emotions…

… or emotionless. No in-between (told you about antonyms already). We can’t simply be “okay” with anything. It’s either we care too much or not at all. 

I don’t like to admit this, but we’re easily offended. 

When we get involved in something – be it a relationship or a job task – be sure we are going to pour our soul and heart into everything we do.

On one side, feeling as much as we do is beautiful. We enjoy witnessing passing seasons with all the beautiful changes, we understand the emotions behind lyrics, we are invited to the unspoken. On the other side, we tend to suffer more intensely than other people. Oh, well, you can’t have one without the other, can you?

Great Listeners

This is something common among introverts. We actively listen and genuinely care. If you don’t have an introvert friend, make one.

We Tend to Escape Reality

When I was a teenager, I had no idea what to do with my tangled emotions. So I’d go to sleep. *Problem solved(??)* Now I believe that was a bad idea, but back then the erasing process worked… sometimes.

Since I’m older and (questionably) wiser, instead of running away from what I feel, I try to understand it and act accordingly. I also think expressing emotions helps. And I don’t have to do it through words if I can’t name THAT …mess, but I can go on a walk, spend time with close friends, listen to A LOT of music or create something. 

Disliking Rules

Not many people like doing what they are being told. But INFPs go completely against rules. This is unlike anything you’d expect – because we’re the perfect example of the quiet employee always doing the best to provide valuable results. I guess we like to live life on our terms, working at a specific pace, having the freedom to create our own schedule.

Oh, and the job we choose must interest us on a deep level. Otherwise, we’ll become bored easily. The heart wants what it wants.

We are Open-Minded

VERY open-minded. I personally accept points of view completely different from my own. For example, I understand that success is defined in many ways, and I am always glad for people who made it, although I could never follow their ways. The problem arises when we expect the same open-mindness from others.  And we do seek to be understood. It’s hard finding that. So we try to meet other INFPs, but it seems that only 4%-7% of the population match this type. So yeah… 

One of the things we can’t accept though, is injustice. Want to see an INFP turning into an angry extrovert with a rich vocabulary? Insult something/someone they believe in. *Bad idea. Please,don’t!*

Being an INFP is chaotic. Magnificent at times. It’s …hard. And I absolutely love it!

Are you an INFP too? Or are you not sure about your personality type? If so, just take the test here.

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