The time has come and you might be wondering: What gift to buy for an INFP?

If you think your INFP friend doesn’t want anything in particular for Christmas, you are kinda right. I guess we’re happy with whatever we’re getting. So no pressure! We don’t have many specific desires unless we’re talking big scale: establishing world peace, protecting the environment, supporting kindness – basically saving Earth.
However, since you can’t buy any of those, and you’re here to get inspiration on what to get, I’ll refer to materialistic presents today.

What gift to buy for an INFP? Here’s my list:

I received this DIY mug and I thought it was such a cool gift! I could personalize it with my preferred text and stickers.

Creative supplies

Notebooks, planners, paint, pencils, calligraphy sets – you name it. Many INFPs tend to be into art. Your friend might be no exception.

Things related to music

We obsess over music. It means the whole world to us. All we need to feel at home is our long and strange playlist. Here you can get creative with your choice. You could get a pair of headphones, headsets, or even a fancy music player if you feel like it. If you know your friend’s favourite artists, you could get albums as well.


Besides music, we love losing ourselves in fictional worlds. Try to find out what kinds of books your INFP friend is into. I personally like fantasy and I still read young adult, but these days I really enjoy books on introversion. Do your secret research and find out the exact genre he/she likes reading.

Something Meaningful

It could be something handmade, or a cause you donated to in the name of your friend. It could be something he/she mentioned carelessly one day. If you are close friends, it could be a handmade coupon that says: Use this when you need me to listen carefully and not judge at all. INFPs appreciate knowing they are being heard and understood.

A Happy Hamper

INFPs experience a wide range of emotions intensely. This is amazing when happiness flows through us and we basically jump with joy. But sensitivity shows its dark side from time to time. How amazing would it be for you to be the friend to put a smile on the little frowny face next time it appears? You could make it a rule for the hamper not to be opened in any other situation. You could fill it with sweets, his/her favorite coffee or tea, some positive notes, posters, coloured pencils, a mindful coloring book, a cute keyring, a mug, a soulful letter to your friend.

I hope this helped you! No matter what you choose, I’m sure he/she will love it!
If you are an INFP reading this, please comment down below what you think about my list. What would you add? What would you exclude?