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Introverts Struggles 2

Introverts’ Struggles and Solutions

If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably googled “introverts struggles” at some point in your life. More than extroverts, we want to feel understood and what better way do you know, besides discovering relatable quotes...

ashamed introvert 0

Ashamed Introvert

Hello, beautiful soul online! 🌌  I don’t know the exact moment I turned into an introvert advocate, but this really fuels my need to write and share my thoughts here. Possibly because I’m learning to...

introverts palces 2

Warning: Introvert Outside

Right, before you get triggered by the title, you should know that I am an introvert as well. And no, I don’t believe an introvert could ever pose a threat on society. Unless you...


High sensitivity

I am a highly sensitive person. For years, this has been a struggle. I used to believe I was alone and somehow broken. I tried being different, and I tested out bold attitudes. Nothing worked. Yes, I could trick...

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