What do I know about break-ups? Maybe not much. I’ve been in a healthy relationship for a long time. What do I remember about having my heart broken? Absolutely everything. Why am I writing this? Because I care. And because you might feel rushed to move on. And I can’t let that happen.

Recovery is not a race

It’s not about being the first to date again. It’s not a competition on who’s having the best time being single. And it’s definitely not about waking up the very next day feeling ready for a fresh start.

Recovery is a journey

Healing is the destination. There isn’t one single way you must follow to get there. There are a million paths. You must find the one that takes YOU to healing. But until then, take it slowly.

So you’ve had your heart broken…

When you love someone, you allow them into your heart and you give them the power to destroy. That’s vulnerability. That’s courage.

Once you have your heart broken, there will be people rushing you to get over it as if it wasn’t a big deal. Keep in mind they want the best for you, but their advice may not be the best one, if you need more time. Don’t listen to those who expect you to move on instantly. Remember: Taking some time to heal doesn’t make you any less than who you are, it makes you human.

Explain to them you have a different way to heal and you have to go through your emotions, not ignore them. ‘Cause if you turn your back to what affects you, it will come back in waves and it will hit hard when you expect it least.

Spend time thinking, feeling, crying, breaking things around you. Express your pain in any way that feels right and natural to you. It’s only normal to hurt. That’s okay.

When you’re done, and I know you will be done, make room for better things to come. Throw away items that remind you of your ex, re-decorate your place, find a hobby, get in touch with friends or make new ones.

It’s important to acknowledge and live feelings, but it’s more important not to get trapped in a painful loop. I read this somewhere and I wish I had found it a long time ago. If you know exactly who said it, please let me know:

“To heal a wound you need to stop touching it.”

Although it feels like the end of the world, I promise you it’s not. Just take your time.

If you were feeling rushed, I hope this helped. For more content, follow me and subscribe to my Youtube channel!