It’s the weekend and my idea of having fun is not what you’d normally expect. Do you know those videos in which celebrities answer the most googled questions about themselves?

I’m definitely not a celebrity, and I certainly don’t have all the answers when it comes to introversion, but I thought I should give it a go.

Tonight I’m answering top googled questions about introverts. Feel free to join me with your own answers in the comments section below.

Of course we can. There are many examples of successful people who define themselves as introverts. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg are just some of the examples. 

YES, we can. Again, being an introvert does not limit you in any way. In fact, being a teacher is a meaningful job – and meaning is something we really need in order to feel fulfilled. If you care about spreading knowledge and making an impact, I actually think teaching might suit you really well.

Change has many shapes and forms. We can become version of ourselves by growing, experiencing and learning.

But if the question was about changing an introvert into an extrovert, then no. (I hope this isn’t bad news). I believe that in time, we learn to work with who we are. We count on our skills more. We teach ourselves to show more confidence. We learn to be sociable in our ways. Yet, we always know who we are.

If there was a magic pill that could turn me into an extrovert overnight, I would honestly refuse to take that. I like myself the way I am. I love my playlist and silent moments, and the beauty I am able to notice in details. I love my ability to listen, and how much my heart can feel. Being an extrovert may be wonderful, but it’s just not for me.

I think so, not as outgoing as extroverts, though. I enjoy hanging out with close friends from time to time. Introverts love deep talks, sharing moments and supporting their loved ones.

Yes, in two situations, I’d say.

  1. When something is truly unfair and we notice it.
  2. Alone, at home, karaoke night.

Some introverts often get lonely, others don’t. In my case, it rarely happens. I enjoy being alone. Solitude is more like a need than something to complain about.  However, if we exaggerate on the time we spent alone, we all start feeling lonely.

Yes, we do. We cherish friendships deeply. We usually have a few trustworthy, amazing friends.

I hope so. Haha! I don’t know, do we? Maybe not longer, just in more than one way. We often find ways to escape reality. Whether it’s travelling or reading or imagining realities, we live life in multiple ways. 

It’s not the same for everyone. In my case, I show love in two ways. Sometimes it’s in the details, like a sending a text message or paying for snacks. Other times, I go big and prepare a surprise many days in advance – to make sure every detail is perfect. How do you show love?

I run from it. As far away and fast as possible. This time I don’t think it’s just me. Since introverts are sensitive to cues, conflict is not something we want to be near.

Good question! I write, listen to music for hours, think about things I want to do, paint, doodle, I read, study online courses, attend webinars, watch Netflix. The list goes on. Truth is I seldom get bored.

When we are ready. I’ve never appreciated people who tried to make me open up. If you insist on an introvert trusting you with his/her deepest secrets, the effect will be the opposite. When we feel we can trust someone, we will open up. Until then, be patient and try to prove your intentions are genuine.

This question made me smile. Not all of us like it. I know I do. I find its sound calming. I also like the raindrops against the window, I find them aesthetically pleasing.

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