If you’ve ever created anything in your life, then maybe you’ve doubted your work at some point. Doubt comes from many places: criticism, comparison, past experiences, but most dangerously, it springs from within. Doubt is for sure easy and often overwhelming.

A Different Perspective

But doubt is not a lack of qualities. It is a desire for improvement. Doubt is not a sign of vulnerability. It is the sum of thoughts you need to make peace with in order to feel empowered. It is an imperfect perception. Doubt comes easily when you strive for perfection. I don’t know if anyone else has had these experiences, but it’s always the extra-talented people I meet that doubt themselves.

In small doses, it is actually beneficial. Are there people around you constantly bringing you down? Use that thought as a mental slingshot. They doubt you, you show them. I know, I know.  It’s easier said than done, so choose your army carefully. Make productivity your best friend, keep motivation by your side and make sure you keep in touch with ways of improvement.

Overcoming Doubt

Spoiler alert: I am no expert offering professional advice. Let’s just say I do have some experience with doubt and I’d love to share with your some tricks that make me more confident.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Even if you have the same dream as someone else who is more successful than you, your path will be completely different. Inspiration is gold, put admiration on the list, and make sure there’s no place for envy.

Learn, practice, insist, try again

It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.  You don’t even have to feel ready. All you need to do is START turning your dream into reality. Make plans, stick to them, check the progress. For me it’s very important to enjoy the process.  I must admit that I am not completely proud of some articles I published (in terms of writing style), but it’s the act of writing that matters. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and it gives me a great inner satisfaction knowing there are people who feel encouraged by my words. 

It’s better having doubts and still doing it than living with the regret of “What if…”

That’s what I think, at least. If I were to choose one feeling to magically make everyone in the world feel, it would be the intense emotion of pure happiness I get while doing what I love. TRUST ME, you get so much energy from simply listening to your heart. It’s DEFINITELY worth it – all the hours spent on improving, all the voices you silence, all the fun you’re missing… 

I normally leave a question at the end, but this time I want you to do a small exercise:  Think of one time in your life when you succeeded although you doubted yourself. Please keep that in mind. You got this!


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