Need Confidence?

Hello, beautiful online souls! How do you feel today? Are you invincible or feeling a bit low? To be honest, my day has had ups and downs, emotionally speaking. But I am a very sensitive person, so I got used to making the best of what I have. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I talked a bit about this on my social media accounts, but I haven’t mentioned it here: I am part of a campaign organized by Nivea Romania. Long story short: It’s a very soulful message that we have to transmit through posts on social media: Like Yourself. Good and Bad. And what we have to do is spreading the message in creative ways.

I was branstorming earlier, and although I could not create anything to be proud enough to share😬, something good came out of my little overthinking session: the topic of confidence.🙌 And I have some little ideas to share with you today.

I am no expert and I am not the best person to give any advice, but I’d like you to consider me your online friend. Just like a friend, I will care and try to help you through my opinion.🤗


Need Confidence?


If you ask me, confidence is a state of mind that needs constant practice. I don’t think anyone is born with it. But depending on the personality type and life path, some people find it easier developing it than others.🦄

The moment when you find beauty within and you realize what makes you unique is extraordinary! In my opinion, confidence begins the moment you start loving yourself. ✨You may be aware of your flaws, but if you learn to embrace them, you win at life.🌟

I’ve read several articles in which people mentioned positive affirmations in the morning to be super-beneficial. 🌈 I haven’t tried them out, but what I like doing in the morning is looking into the mirror and promise myself I’ll make the best of the fresh, new day.

I was having a talk earlier (wow, a lot of things have happened today😂) with a lovely person. She told me that her religious beliefs give her the power to trust herself. She knows that nothing bad will happen because she is protected and loved. And if it does happen, it’s for her own good.

If you’re not religious, here’s another idea: mindfulness. It has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety – hence it might be a great exercise to boost your confidence. Why not giving it a try?💪

From what I’ve noticed, the world is starting to get sick of sameness. I can’t wait for the day we appreciate originality and genuine people most!💙 And trust me, that day will come. For now, try not to copy or live your life under the influence of social stars. You are you – how lovely that is! ❤


Now, going all philosophical and deep is hard! I know, I know. Take your time to get to know yourself. In the meantime, there are outer tricks you could try.😏

  • Study, Prepare, Learn, Improve

If there’s an exam or a presentation coming, it really helps you knowing you know your stuff. 😅 And if the results are not exactly what you expected, try not to get affected by that. Don’t take bad grades as failures, take them as opportunities to improve. (Yes, I do realize it’s easier saying than doing that).😁

  • Wear your favourite scent/ accessory/ clothes

I don’t know about you, but I feel happier and more confident when I wear clothes I am comfortable in. Also, scent is such a nice touch. Wear what makes you feel good!🦄

  • Smile

Smiling is a signal you give to your body that it can relax because you’re not in danger. It REALLY helps with anxiety – not to mention how attractive a bright, genuine smile is!

What makes you feel confident? Let me know in the comments below.

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