There are many extroverts that I like. Whether they are celebrities or simply friends of mine, they always bring charisma everywhere they go. They are witty and chatty. It’s often that their simple presence fills the room with magic. It seems that they always know what to say, and they do it confidently. How charming!

I admire their way of being, but I would never trade my temperament for theirs. Unlike many introverts who manage to admire (and even dream of) extroverted characteristics, some extroverts fail to acknowledge that introversion is a quality, too. And I don’t necessarily blame them. Since it is said that only 30% to 50% of people are introverts, it is only natural believing extroversion is the norm. It is just not fair. So I’d rather play the introvert’s advocate.

For every misconception stating that introversion is less, I’ll show you why it’s actually more.

misconceptions about introversion

1. It’s shyness.

It’s not shyness, it’s thoughtfulness.

Not to mention that “shy” and “introverted” are not even synonyms. Yes, many introverts are shy, but it’s not a rule. Shy people worry of what others might think of them. Introverted people are sensitive to their environment and get overwhelmed fast.

Introverts have their own reasons for being quiet. They could be listening carefully, or thinking about the best words to share with you. Maybe it’s a meaningful advice they are trying to provide. Or maybe, just maybe, the discussion is too boring so the introvert gets lost in a more fascinating world. Sorry!

2. It’s all about useless overthinking.

It’s not overthinking, it’s wishing for better.

I must have shared this a million times because it’s one special idea that changed my point of view. Do you know one common reason why people get anxious? We all want to feel appreciated and accepted.

We worry that with are not saying what we should. Sometimes we think we are not doing enough for the loved ones. Other times, we wish we’d done things differently. In my opinion, overthinking comes from the desire of better things – and that’s not something to blame.

3. Definitely over-loving.

It’s not over-loving, it’s being empathetic.

Have you ever been told you’re being too emotional over things that don’t matter much? Keep in mind that your feelings are valid. Besides, loving as much as you do is beautiful! Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it takes so much courage expressing feelings freely. 

4. Must be so lonely…

It’s not loneliness, it’s empowerment.

“Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe.”― Susan Cain

Introverts need alone time like they need air. No matter what others say, take your time to recharge, fellow introvert! No guilty feelings allowed. Self-love does not need much explanation.

5. It’s delusional.

It’s not delusional, it’s creative.

So you have a dream. Trust you instinct, introverted friend. Even if your vision shocks everyone around, or even if you keep it hidden for now, trust it and don’t stop there. Find your way to bring the idea to life. That’s the only way to live meaningfully.

Introversion is not what they say it is. It is what you want it to be.

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