Introvert’s Sweet Spot

In her book, “Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” Susan Cain defines places that feel like home as “sweet spots”. It’s where you feel comfortable and most productive. Did you know that extroverts and introverts are best stimulated by completely different surroundings? 🤩 What’s noisy for an introvert, might be perfectly pleasant for an extrovert. What’s depressing for an extrovert, might be soothing quiet for an introvert. And that’s perfectly normal!

I naturally struggled to make my working space as welcoming as possible. But I was not sure why I had this need. 🤔And what usually worked for me might have been considered odd by others. I personally felt a bit strange when putting my headsets on so I could focus on my tasks, instead of getting energy from being socially active and involving in my co-workers small talks.😶

Discovering Susan Cain’s book was refreshing.😌

Introvert’s Sweet Spot

The world would be a lot more enjoyable if we could all create our small utopias and personalize them according to our needs, don’t you think so?💗

Going to School

Maybe you can’t make obvious changes to the environment, but you can add your touch and make your study place a little happier (charms, badges, your earphones, little notebooks, treats, favourite scent are some of the example items✨).

When I was in high school, I liked having words of wisdom with me. They either helped with anxiety or with positivity. I used to keep my favourite quotes inside my wallet and took them out every time I craved guidance.

I remember being obsessed with bright colors. At some point I wanted to make my life as colorful as possible – metaphorically and physically speaking. Neon shades were my inspiration back then.😅 X_X

But it was not all happy and bright like that. Before discovering the unicorn inside, I went through a Tokio Hotel phase. My nails were painted black and my school bag had badges with the band members on it. I guess I was trying to expose and embrace “my dark side”.🙃

This is a common trait of introverts – feeling TOO MUCH of both sides. It’s amazing when you’re grateful and able to see the good, but when when you’re down, you’re…

… down.

I don’t have the perfect list of items that you should take with you to feel comfortable – because you know best what moves you. Yet, I advise you to go a little deeper. It’s not the lucky charm itself that makes you more confident. It’s the belief you have. 💗Try to test out and discover little ways to make you more focused and relaxed. And surround yourself with the right people – those who accept your sensitive nature and appreciate it, although they might not understand it entirely.🤗

Working from home

I’m now luckily living the Introvert’s Dream – working from home. Haha! In my case, it’s relatively easy finding and decorating the working space. I do have a stable “office space” in the flat when I do the freelance job I am paid for. That never changes.

But when it comes to creative tasks – writing articles on my blog, making short clips or taking pictures, I tend to migrate from a room to another until I find the right spot – told you I have my special needs.🙃 I sometimes want natural light while sitting down on the desk, other times I feel comfortable sitting on the floor surrounded by my art supplies, candles and fairy lights. At times, my bed is the best working place.🙌

Working in an office

When it comes to working in an office, the customisable space is quite limited – if any. It would still  be nice making a little happy corner. Maybe you could bring a plant, or a quote to boost productivity, or a decoration object that inspires you. Or keep it as minimal as possible – if that gives you a calming feeling.


What kind of environment makes you most productive and happy? Let me know in the comments below.🌟



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