If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably googled “introverts struggles” at some point in your life. More than extroverts, we want to feel understood and what better way do you know, besides discovering relatable quotes and funny memes?

Today I searched for the most common struggles introverts deal with. I thought it would be nice to put them in a good light. I am content with my personality type and I would love to help you feel the same about yourself.

Ready for some self-love?

Let’s explore introverts’ struggles and solutions

Introverts Struggles

Introverts’ struggle #1: The Need of Isolation

I truly hope each and every introvert makes time to recharge, even if that means complete isolation for a short while. I don’t think all introverts consider their need to be alone. Mainly because we want to please others, we want to prove our friendship, and we might think isolation is an odd need.  But as I said, it’s beneficial. After spending time by yourself you’ll feel energized and inspired. You’ll get the answers you were unable to find while stressing over matters.


  • Spend time alone.

Introverts’ struggle #2: “Why are you so shy?”

Oh, the question of my life! Hands up if you’ve been called shy before. That question used to make me lock up even more.  I was raised in an extroverted culture – where everyone has something to say and there are more opinions than topics. Nowadays, I find it so strange and quite funny that people think you should always say something – no matter what.

As an introvert who cares about other’s emotions, I would never ask anyone ” Why are you so talkative? Don’t you have anything not to share about?” Haha! Imagine that! Seriously, though, if you’re an introvert, please remember it’s completely up to you whether you want to say something or not. You don’t owe any explanations. And when the conversation is too boring to follow – feel free to daydream. 


  • You may just listen.

Introverts’ struggle #3: Living Comfortably vs Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Okay, this one’s hard. I always gravitate towards one or the other. I have recorded several YouTube videos and it took me LOOOONG hours to edit and make them perfect. Guess what I did after uploading them – yup, deleted. 

I’ve mentioned this previously, introverts need balance. So what you need to do is find the in-between. I feel perfectly fine and happy sharing my thoughts in the written form, but I would also love to make videos so I am still exploring “the safe” territory. I discovered I feel a lot more confident uploading videos in which I don’t talk to the camera, but I record my voice.


  • Think of what you’d love to do, and do it in your way!

Introverts’ struggle #4: You often cancel plans

I used to to this a lot in my teenage years. Do you know that time when you feel a bit extroverted and make promises that you instantly regret? That was me. Nowadays, I am actually happy to see my friends – we don’t meet very often so it’s quite nice catching up.

So yeah, don’t make promises when feeling euphoric. However, if you made a plan that doesn’t sound right anymore, cancel it. Just be honest and let your friends know how you feel. I’m sure they’ll get it if they are your friends indeed.

On of the common misconceptions is that introverts don’t enjoy events. My opinion is that we love attending the  right ones. From time to time I go to events that I know I’ll enjoy. As an example, I’m very excited to attend Webstock this October – the biggest blogging event in my country. Yes, I am aware it will the place for small talk & networking opportunities, but I’m in love with blogging and I honestly can not wait to get there.


  • Make promises you can keep.
  • Attend events closely related to your interests.

Introverts’ struggle #5: You don’t share about your problems

Guilty. No matter how much I support being an introvert, I can’t tell you  keeping it all inside is a good idea.  It’s healthy letting it out one way or another – and you don’t have to call your friends and chitchat for hours.  You could text someone, or keep it in a diary, or do some art to express the mess inside your head.


  • When you feel ready, share it, write it, paint it, put it on musical notes.

Do you have any advice for fellow introverts? I’d love to hear it!  Please leave it in the comments section below. 

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