I woke up one morning with the desire to transmit everything I was feeling. This is the introvert’s manifesto, the way I see it.

Just because I don’t shine brightly, it doesn’t mean that there’s no light guiding me. Don’t try to convince me it’s not there, just because you don’t see it yet.

I paint my light and give it rhythm. I put it into words and turn it into flickering energy. I try to switch it off at times. But no matter how long I turn my back to it, the shadow at my feet reminds me it’s still there.

I will show it to you too, one day, when I feel ready. And when I do, don’t expect radiance. Remember, I don’t dazzle, I twinkle.

Just because I stay quiet, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. Don’t try to convince me I am empty, just because you can’t weight the vivid world inside of me.

There are conflicting feelings fighting for supremacy. There are puzzle pieces collected from places I’ve never even been to. There is empathy to give me purpose. There is ME, carefully listening to every word you say.

You’ll be invited to my world one day, when I feel ready. But when I open the door for you, remember to tread softly.

Don’t assume I hate people just because I enjoy solitude.

I have so much appreciation to share, but I need to give some to myself first. How could my heart love if there was no love to give?

Don’t try to call me ignorant, just because you can’t measure my interest.

I sympathize with tired, honest voices. I grieve together with the heart-broken. I soar with dreamers. When you see me distant, it’s not because you’ve been talking about the tv news for thirty minutes. It’s because I would love to hear for one minute about some news that changed your life.

I am not weird. I am genuine.

I am not lost. I am on a quest.

I am not sad. I am thoughtful.

Allow me to be exactly who I am.