I’m not the Grinch type. If anything, I’m more of an Elf. I still enjoy the first snow like a child, and allow my frozen footsteps to inspire snowy fairytales. No matter how much I dislike the cold, I love winter! It could be the lights that make it magical, or flavorful mulled wine. Or maybe the joyful carols everywhere and the selfless thought of giving. My heart will always be open to miracles and what other better time to BELIEVE if not on Christmas?

On a second thought, I understand why many people would rather associate themselves with the former character. It’s because we’ve lost the essence, haven’t we? Consumerism should not be a key element to having a successful Christmas. Giving should never feel like a burden. I am not the person to teach others when it comes to spending lots on not so much, but Sorelle is an inspiration. I absolutely love her!


This article is fueled by my strong wish for you to be stronger than me.

Introvert’s Guide on Surviving that Christmas Reunion

  • Breathe. Basic, I know. Still, do you ever get super agitated because you want to make a good impression and everything to go perfectly? I know I do. Remember it’s not an Oscar event you are getting ready for. Breathe in, breathe out. Enjoy more, worry less.
  • Remember the relatives you don’t know so well, but you slightly dislike? Oh, they will probably be there. And yes, they will surely remember to expose everything they believe it’s wrong with you. What a better topic if not your private life, your strange future plans and the personality type you have? What I would do is: I would try to explain that happiness is subjective. And what they define to be success in life is far from my concept. Being an introvert is not a disease. It’s an insightful way of being. If your relatives are anything like mine, they won’t get it. (I’m sorry!) And that’s alright. You’ve done your part. Try not to get affected by their own perception.
  • Be kind and open minded. Show respect, but be secure enough to express your point of view. In my opinion, that’s the best you can do. If it gets really bad, let’s hope not, you could try to help around. That should actually help you stop overthinking.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to initiate and continue small talk. I’m sure it would be appreciated if you did, but it is YOUR choice to take.  As a people pleaser myself, I know how hard and consuming that is, and I really want YOU to have a great Christmas.
  • Don’t spend too much time in there. If you’re an introvert, your social battery will be drained fast. Take time off to recharge or simply find an excuse to leave. What a relief that will be! Remember, it’s not selfish at all considering your well-being. It’s healthy, and solitude is needed.

If you feel like a lonely black sheep this Christmas, remember that we are a strong flock with vision.

Join the online soulful flock! Lol

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