Best job for an INFP

If you asked me what the perfect job for an INFP was, I would not have a very specific answer. We are all different and the four letters do not define us completely. However, I know the right job for an INFP has something to do with passion and freedom. If you don’t feel you belong there, if you don’t feel driven by a deep motivation to bring your contribution there, it’s not going to work.

I’ve been a freelancer (online ESL tutor) for almost four years and I was thinking of sharing about my experience with those of you, fellow INFPs who consider freelance work with people.

Being an online tutor is NOT the perfect job for an INFP, if you ask me, but it’s something I’ve learned to do, and it seems that I’m doing it well, based on the feedback I get.

Why freelancing is GREAT for introverts

You get to work from home – YAY!

Schedule flexibility – Always needed!

Freedom to do what you want – What more could you ask for?

Little to no pressure – Depending on how well you manage your time.

INFP working with people – Here’s what I’ve learned

It can be exhausting

VERY exhausting. It gets better in time as you become more relaxed and confident in the job that you do. But being a people pleaser by nature will always put you through a lot of work. We want everyone to be content, don’t we? We will listen to every word carefully and we’ll pour 100% of our heart and soul into the job we do.

It’s not the tasks themselves that will make you tired, but mostly your intense contribution.

It can be interesting/fun/fulfilling

Most of my students are kind and respectful, I could not ask for more. Some even leave thoughtful messages expressing their gratitude for my hard work. It’s a feeling I can’t put into words. It happens sometimes, rarely for more advanced speakers to go into deep topics, and talking feels SO EASY then.

Solitude is needed

I know people who can’t wait to finish work so they can socialize with their friends. I like talking with my friends too, but not immediately after finishing my tasks for the day. Haha! I prefer taking the time all for myself, indulging into activities that refill me.

Socializing a lot is never an easy task for an introvert. Honestly, even after almost four years, my mouth sometimes physically aches from talking for hours. It’s crucial for me to spend time alone and recharge quietly.

I know people

Maybe it’s not this specific job that taught me so, but life, in general. I can read people pretty well. I know when they’d like to talk more about something, but they refrain their words. I can see when they’re wearing masks.

Some people tend to trust me instantly. I’ve even had a few confessions over the years. It’s not my profession to be a therapist, and I’m not pretending to be one, but some people felt they could trust me with their feelings. I was not doing anything special. Maybe it was just the fact that I listened well.

I can fake confidence

Lack of confidence is not strictly related to being an INFP, but I can see how this can be a case. I can fake confidence now, considering the fact that I am sometimes asked for tips. LOL!

I think it’s because of experience and I’m also copying a certain TV presenter. Haha! There is this terrible Romanian TV show I solely watch for the presenter. She is so skillful at not showing any emotions (while being an entertainer – fascinating stuff) and get out of awkward situations smoothly. Role model!

Not all people are well-intended

I like seeing or trying to find the best in people. (I know you too). More often than not, I am able to discover that, no matter how different their personality is from mine. But I have to keep in mind that not all people are well-intended. In time, I’ve met a few whose only intention was to prove superiority and did their best to hurt.

All in all, being a teacher or an online tutor is a mission – and this could be the perfect motivation for an INFP. It’s a tough work, but it could be emotionally rewarding. This was my experience, but the choice is all yours.

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