INFP in need of solitude

I need alone time like fresh air, and I know I’m not the only INFP in need of solitude. Spending moments all by myself is one of the ways I recharge. I like digesting thoughts in silence. It’s when I make sense of my emotions. It’s peaceful and relaxing. It’s the time when I become more open to ideas.

This article is dedicated to INFPs, but if you’re a solitude lover, welcome!

What I learned while over-socializing

No matter the company, I can’t be truly happy if I don’t retreat into silence at times.

It’s not that I hate people. Let’s just say I like them more when the time we spend together is limited. I find it special sharing moments, like going on little adventures and discovering new places with others. I enjoy listening to them debating certain topics. And I like being invited to activities. But when I get too involved, I become less and less enthusiastic.

It’s a need to also do things by myself. When I am with other people for too long I feel as if I am watching a movie. It’s all there, what I should see, what I should think, what I should understand. When I’m by myself, it’s as if I am reading a book. Yes, the same characters are there in front of me, but I have the freedom to imagine the way they walk, what they are afraid of, what their secret wishes are. What I want to say is that solitude is never restrictive. Am I making sense?

Spending time alone should not be judged, and you shouldn’t care if it is

I used to worry a lot when my attitude suddenly changed when becoming exhausted from socializing. It did not make any sense to myself, how could I have explained it to others? Nowadays, I don’t worry and I don’t feel the need to justify it. I do excuse myself and assure others I’m perfectly fine. I add that I need to indulge into solitary activities, but I don’t offer much information – especially if I know some won’t get it. There are people who will always believe solitude is a form of depression, and you can’t change their opinion, but you can change how much their perception matters to you.

Solitude is a form of self-love

Food for soul… How else could I call it when it gives me such a pleasant feeling? Having a healthy mental state is crucial. If that requires solitude, then I shall spend time alone. As much as I need. 

How enjoying solitude after social burnout was

I went to Greece with three other people – I guess I can call them part of my family. The week in Greece was fabulous! I could never belittle the beauty of pristine beaches and turquoise water. I am grateful for how welcomed I felt during the visit. The sunsets, the food, the subtle smell of olive trees, and all the pretty plants could not be topped by any seaside landscapes in my country.

However, none of those moments brought me as much happiness as I felt the moment I woke up with a cup of coffee, my Spotify playlist, and online inspiration – all enjoyed in an old, tiny apartment. I did not have the luxury of a hotel anymore, but I had solitude. Me and my boyfriend, also an introvert, spent one day barely speaking to each other—spending time getting lost in our own worlds for almost a day was priceless.

I hope you found this helpful. 

How do you spend your alone time?