INFP Feelings in Young Adulthood

infp feelings

For an INFP heart, feelings are overwhelming. They have the power to destroy to pieces, and build new ways to reach the sky. Intense, numbing, bugging, honest, opposing, infinite, real – if you don’t control what you feel, emotions will take their toll on you.

Why INFPs should not ignore their feelings

It’s sometimes easier pretending the problem is not there. It’s more acceptable wearing a mask. It’s natural to wish to be liked by others even if that means leaving emotions aside.

Though hard at first, you might even surprise yourself with artistic abilities. Who would have thought you could fake it so well? You could be the greatest actor/actress, but you’ll always know what you show is not how you feel.

Don’t try to ignore your feelings because…
… they teach you well.
… you won’t be able to do it forever.
… you need to accept yourself in order to feel fulfilled.
… it’s just not worth it.

INFPs in Young Adulthood

I used to think my teenage years were tumultuous – emotionally speaking. Wait until you’re in your 20s. Haha! So much optimism! I’m sorry, my intention is not to scare anyone, but to prepare fellow INFPs. Don’t worry, though. Life is not the same for everyone. And I always bring some light towards the end of my articles, so stay with me.

Negative Emotions INFPs experience in their 20s

Lack of fulfillment

I hope you’re one of the lucky INFPs who were able to find a job they love doing. Unfortunately, it seems very common for people to not truly like their work. For an INFP that matters. We don’t feel motivated at all by more money if the job itself is soul depleting.


Should you quit or job or not? Should you act more extroverted or remain the same? Should you ask for others’ opinions or trust your gut feelings? Your 20s will be confusing.

High Sensitivity

Do you think you’ll feel less and in a simpler way when you become a young adult? Yeah, about that… You’ll still feel A LOT, and I advise you to embrace your feelings and try to understand them. Otherwise, emotions left aside will form an inner,messy pile and if you don’t have enough time to deal with each and every, you’ll shortly get overwhelmed and moody.


That’s it. You’re going to follow a purpose driven career. From tomorrow you’ll start a new life and you’ll show everyone how well and happily you can live on your own. Wait, you have to pay bills now. Maybe it would be wiser to work on a dream and do your job at the same time. That’s possible, right?

Maybe not all INFPs relate to the rant above. But I bet there are some INFPs out there who have the same problem as me.


Do you have a well-paid job? Do you date? When will you get married? How many kids do you plan to have? Can you cook well? Hello, pressure!

Positive Emotions INFP experience in their 20s

A sense of freedom

In time, you learn more about yourself. You’ll both play by the rules and give yourself enough time to do what you love. You’ll become more aware of what you need, and you’ll give yourself that.

Peaceful state

As you stop apologizing for feeling “too much”, as you stay away from those who label you as strange, as you allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them, as you embrace your inner life, you achieve peace.

Calming, deep understanding

When you reach a deeper understanding of who you are, you become more empathetic towards yourself. You’ll learn lots about your feelings and why they are there. You will definitely have more control over your reactions, as well.


You’ll see the beauty inside and outside. You’ll openly defend your values that have always been so close to you. As you embrace who you are, you will be able to share love all around you.


You won’t be trying to please others like you used to. You’ll still listen and care about people, but there will be a balance to keep. You won’t feel much guilt when you decide to spend time alone. You will be more open with your friends and explain them confidently that solitude is needed.

Over to you! How are/were your 20s? Let me know in the comments section below.

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