My most appreciated articles are those on introversion. To be honest, this is great news. You like introverts-related posts, I love creating them. Win-win! (If this is not your cup of tea personally, please send me your suggestions for future articles. )

I’ll sum up my philosophy in three words: Introverts are awesome. Full stop. I would never ever try to downgrade this personality type, no matter how hard it gets sometimes. However, as I said, I am aware of the less pleasant aspects of being an introvert.

More than that, I for sure know that life wants you extroverted sometimes. (Oh God) When that happens, most introverts get caught up between being sad with who they are and the inability to turn into extroverts overnight. So what to do then? Well, I have some ideas for you which I will gladly & comfortably share from behind the screen.

How to Slightly Fake Extroversion (If You Must)

~ Things that Help Introverts Be a Little Bit Extroverted ~

Passion. Deep meanings. Things you truly care about.

Although talking physically drains you, there are topics you could debate for hours, no matter how reticent you think you are.🌌 So try to find those interested in the same topics as you. You can start online, if that’s easier. Long live hashtags! 

I remember having this urge in high school. In literature class, we’d discuss written works. But the talk was teacher/critics-centered.  We’d somehow have to agree on the way the teacher and critics interpreted the works. Although I understand that their opinions were professional and based on hard work & experiences, I HATED THAT LIMITATION so much, that it made me want to share my ideas out loud. (very unusual for an introvert, huh?)

So if you have no idea what interests you, think of what fills your heart with emotions – all sorts of emotions.

If you’re in school preparing a boring project to present in front of classmates, find a specific aspect of that topic you’d love to talk about. For my master’s thesis, I chose to talk about the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. But not the general stuff.  The overall perception is that Poe was morbid and dark. Through my thesis, I tried to prove his romantic and vulnerable side. Basically, I was defending his art. Maybe not many people cared, to be honest. But I DID care. And that strongly motivated my speech.

Creative Tasks

Get involved. In other words, do all the creative work. I have zero talent, but I used to make my flip charts look relevant and pretty (to me). I would paint on them, doodle, and arrange the information colourfully. 

If YOU feel proud of the final result, and you put some soul into the process, sharing about it will be rewarding.

When I was in the 8th grade, we had to write a fantasy short story and I went a bit overboard – I DIYed some items from my story. Although I was nervous to share my story with the class, knowing that I worked hard gave me a little push.

If you’ve graduated already, you can still make great use of your interests, either as relaxing hobbies, ways of expressing yourself or as an alternative source of income.🌟


I get inspired by dreamers & doers. I love open-minded people and those who are brave enough to go on new paths. These days I’m being extra-careful who I am following on social networks. My feed only needs amazing creators who don’t forget to be genuine and empathetic.

Observation and Practice

Maybe you can’t be like the others. But hey, you’re an introvert.  You can mirror them, then add your touch.You know people. You notice them daily. You see details others easily omit. Use your analysis power to learn how it’s done from those you admire. From the body posture to the way you deliver your ideas, practice in front of a mirror. Study gestures, make them yours. Although I am aware of how much effort I sometimes put into faking an extroverted self, it works in front of others.

VERY Important note: After you’ve finished trying to seem who you’re not, spend some quality time being yourself. Reserve time alone to read, watch movies, listen to music, daydream – escape life. Although you have to act in an extroverted way at times, don’t forget to make enough time to celebrate being you – in your own quiet and wonderful way.

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