Introvert? Social? Enjoy?

Yup, you’ve read that right, but I understand if you doubt today’s topic. 

If you’ve been here before, then you know I am not the life of the party. But I’ve been learning how to enjoy social events and I’d like to share three tricks that work for me. Hopefully, they’ll work for you as well. 

How to Enjoy Social Events – Introvert Edition


Rule #1 of life: Wherever you go, whatever you do, make sure you take music with you.  YOUR music. Even if it’s a club you’re going to, I still strongly recommend having a pair of earphones in your bag and that playlist you absolutely love (but can’t share with anyone else – you know what I’m talking about ). Music calms me down whenever I get anxious. If I find myself surrounded by people I don’t necessarily connect with, I excuse myself for some moments and go find a private place to listen to some of my favourite songs. Works a charm! 


Introverts have a rich inner world. On one side, it’s great challenging your mind. On the other side, “” you may ask.

When feeling uncomfortable, I tend to lose my interest in listening. All my attention goes on myself. The way I speak, the way I act, the way I look. Once I feel it building up, I shake it off ASAP. I shift my focus from myself to what people are trying to say and do what I know best: listen attentively.   Being present in the moment really helps.

Have fun in your way

Maybe it’s the music that’s not enjoyable, or the people talking loudly expressing absolutely nothing. (Sorry!) Blame it on whatever you want. Truth is we sometimes feel we don’t fit in. Wanna hear a secret?  We don’t even have to.

It’s YOU to define what “fun” means. Introverts CAN enjoy parties in their own way.  Maybe you don’t like dancing , but you enjoy photography, so take some shots.  Maybe you don’t like that music, but you enjoy being out, observing others. Type what you see on your phone.  Perhaps you have no interest in alcohol, but have you checked the comfort food?  Even the smell of coffee gives me an instant boost of energy.  If your close friends can not join with you to make it memorable, FaceTime them. My point it that it’s up to you finding joy.  And if you feel like it, step a little bit out of your comfort zone – but only for your own self-confidence.

Because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  You don’t have to respect others’ ideas of “fun”.  If the only reason you attended the party was to meet the family’s dog, good for you. Dogs are awesome! 

We’re the ones to make it hard for ourselves, you know? Constantly thinking about how obvious it is being the wallflower. Wanna know another secret?  Everyone’s either too drunk to notice or they have their own stuff to deal with.  Relieve yourself from the pressure.

Maybe you can not shine brightly, but that doesn’t mean you can not gleam.

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