Hey, wallflower, the world needs you


I see passionate people.

Motivational speakers with fire in their eyes – ready to change the world, but only among their friends. I see writers who somehow doubt themselves in the middle of the novel. I see songwriters composing amazing songs – but their voice is often unheard. I see painters, but the lines they trace are a bit too subtle for anyone to notice.

I see it in you, the person reading these lines.

Hey, wallflower, the whole world needs you…

It’s time for you to dare. Dare to be that weird and definitely happy fish that goes against the flow. And if you believe in something , don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ‘Cause this is YOUR DREAM. Go follow it with all your heart and soul. 

The right way – YOUR WAY- should feel like falling in love. It’s supposed to be a bit scary and … chaotic occasionally.  Nonetheless, it will lead you to yourself – the one you know you are.

Hey, wallflower, the whole world needs you…

Empower yourself.


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