“My voice is my power, my silence is my wisdom. “

Welcome to my headspace!

This is where the magic happens. And the unnecessary chaos. And the random chocolate cravings. Sorry for the mess! I know it’s quite full in here, but I have no idea where to put all these songs’ lyrics I’ve memorized all my life.

Before I properly start this, I feel the need to say that my intention is not to overgeneralize. I’m not THE Introvert, but one of them. This article represents my opinion based on personal experiences and close friendships.

On Being Quiet

 ~ when being silent for a little too long ~

That’s the thing with silence. It can be interpreted in too many ways.

The Power of Words

I’ve mentioned this in previous articles, one reason of silence is that we consider carefully what we’re about to say. To us, words have their own weight, nuances, colours. Words hurt or heal. They empower or damage. Words are imperfect and it takes time finding the perfect ones to express ourselves. Some feelings can’t even be uttered verbally, but that’s a talk for another time.


We don’t just hear you message. We listen to you carefully and if the possible reply does not have enough substance, we prefer remaining silent. There was this idea I heard in a speech (I’m rephrasing it): “There are three gifts you can give to people: Your availability, your awareness and your silence.” I thought it was beautiful.❤

In a world where people constantly prepare the next reply, consider yourself lucky to have an introvert by your side to suggest, through their silence, I am here and I care.

Inner Turmoil

Not all introverts are shy. And not all of us experience social anxiety. But if the family’s cat gets more attention than your introverted friend would normally give, that might be a sign of him/her not having much fun. I could be wrong, though, ’cause pets are awesome and they deserve all the love in the world.  

Introverts I know, including myself, don’t feel comfortable in social situations. Some of us learn to control it – the need to run away from small talks and noisy places. 😶 Others feel completely overwhelmed  by the atmosphere and “the cure “is remaining silent, hoping it would finish soon.

Somewhere Else

It’s only natural for introverts to let their minds roam – hence the silence. Some overthink, others feel trapped in their past and some are allured by the infinite possibilities the futures might provide. Imagination is a powerful, wonderful tool and I wish we could only take advantage of its magic.

Nothing and Everything

Introverts focus on details without even trying. I enjoy seeing gestures, absorbing moments and taking metal notes of stuff that not everyone sees. Quiet is sometimes a state. We admire and notice in our artistic and silent way.

To me, silence is not a flaw. It is a trait. Thanks to it, I can understand more, escape the ordinary and get inspired. No matter how odd it might be to others, no matter the manner in which they interpret it, I would not trade my silent moments for the world!

Do you often get quiet? What’s your main reason? Let me know in the comment below.

And if you want to connect, you can find me here: 

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