“I can’t become an entrepreneur. I am an introvert.”

“I don’t like people. I am an introvert.”

“I can’t be productive. I am an introvert, so I daydream too much.”

Those are some scenarios in which I imagine people would use being an introvert as an excuse not to follow dreams, not to be productive, not to get close.  You have all the rights to be who you are and own it. Yet, you have no right to use your personality type as an excuse.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. Three examples of the many introverts who made it. I know, I know, they’re too famous so maybe you can’t relate. But you are an introvert, you were saying? I assume you are a great listener. I also think you like planning before taking decisions. Empathy must be your trait, too. Once invested in a goal, I bet you can work a lot. And maybe you like daydreaming? That is absolutely amazing! ‘Cause you know what some of the best qualities of entrepreneurs are? Well, being great listeners, showing empathy, planning carefully , working hard and having vision. All you need is a tiny change of heart.

What can I say? I used to believe the same. I still know I don’t resonate with many people, but that doesn’t mean I hate them. Or that I try to avoid any social encounter because I know I won’t enjoy it. Whenever an introvert says he/she hates people, all I can hear is “I haven’t found my tribe yet”. Look, it’s HARD finding our kind and I won’t deny it. Most of us wear extroverts masks on a daily basis and we play the roles too well for any deep connection to occur. As I said, it’s hard and rare (not impossible), but it also depends on how open and willing we are to say YES to people.

In her book ” The Irresistible Introvert”, Michaela Chung talks about a man who would only look down as he walked. Loner by nature, he had given up hoping for any miracle. But there was a woman who felt attracted to him. She noticed him several times. Yet, she did not know how to approach him because of his obvious leave me alone body language. Luckily, she found his profile on a dating site and that was how their relationship started – and continued with a happy marriage.

Ask yourself and be honest: Are you willing to let people into your life? You can start online – cause this is where introverts drop off masks and dare to be themselves.

introvert myths

As I have already mentioned above, daydreaming is not bad. If offers vision. An introvert’s mind is a fascinating place. It’s where ideas are born and combined and transformed and …eventually lost. ‘Cause yeah, sadly, most of us waste this superpower. We get tons of random ideas. We enjoy playing with concepts, but it’s so easy to finish nothing at all if there isn’t a plan.

Imagine this: Finding a goal. Something crazy. Something that would help you and others around you. A certain thing that would make the world a little bit better. Then imagine investing all your ideas there. Focusing all the energy and creative power into building something greater than you.

Bring purpose into your life and you’ll never feel daydreaming is a waste of time. Of course, balance is important. So make sure your ideas make it into the physical world.

I hope this helped. For more encouragement, find me on Instagram.