About Words for Introverts

One thing you should know about Words for Introverts is that I designed this community to be a safe space for the most introverted of us. It’s a place where you find self-acceptance, openness and authenticity.

Hi! I’m Catalina

…and I’m a highly sensitive introvert. More specifically—an INFP-T.

I’ve built this community for introverts to prove we’re in this together.

If you were born in a country that favours the extroverted ideal, you might think there’s something wrong with you.

If you’ve ever been called out for being too reserved and quiet, you might think you should change.

Through my soulful work, I’m here to offer you another perspective. I’m no stranger to the dark sides of being introverted, but there’s always light worth seeking.

We shall find it alone, together.

about words for introverts

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