No one likes feeling down, insecure or broken. But we all enjoy positive emotions, don’t we? Unfortunately, we can’t have one without the other. I may not know everything about life, but I know I need balance.

Today I’m writing about INFP emotions because I know I’m not the only one who tried to ignore the chaos that sometimes formed inside my mind. I am absolutely sure that it has happened to you as well to be perceived as cold or even strange every time you disappeared for a while. I’m here to tell you there’s nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, alone time is crucial.

5 reasons why infps need to deal with emotions

Why INFPs need to deal with emotions

For self acceptance

Allow us to search for who we are. Give us the time to think and reflect upon our own actions, words or the lack of them.

More than anything, we need to be honest to ourselves in order to be happy. The problem arises when we become afraid of what we might discover. So we keep ourselves busy in the hope that heavy feelings will go away if ignored. But it doesn’t work like that.

In my teenage years I would take frequent naps. I was tired of dealing with a multitude of unnamed feelings, and I had no better solutions. Sleeping sometimes made it better, since my mind would rest, but I knew my feelings were still somewhere there.

I know better now, and I don’t run away anymore.

To understand where we are in life

We need to untangle emotions. We must find out alone what creates the chaos and how to find the light. Some feelings are too difficult to express or even understand. Have no worries if your INFP friend spends time alone for a while. You should only worry when he/she never takes time off in complete solitude.

We rarely talk about our emotions openly, but when we do, know that we appreciate you more than words can say. Please, listen carefully, even if you don’t get it.

To understand what we need

If we know who we are, we will find what we need. Or that’s a good start at least. Understanding your qualities as well as flaws, your wishes as well as fears, you might get a glimpse of what you need to do.

To learn more about who we are

Though not as adventurous as our extroverted friends, we do love to explore. We like calm places, underrated locations and profound minds. We like finding possibilities, patterns and unique souls. Nothing’s too little for an INFP.

To feel refreshed

After spending time alone and making sense out of our thoughts, we are ready to continue life or start again. You’ll see us full of energy again and in a much better head space. We will highly appreciate your patience and be grateful to have you.

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