Introversion is bliss.

Introversion is bliss.

Introversion is bliss, and I won’t ever get tired of saying this. 

I recently asked people on Instagram if they enjoy being introverts. To my surprise and content, most voted “YES” on my poll. (By the way, if you’d like to be part of my future polls and introverted adventure, I’d be happy to have you there.  Follow me here).

However, I perfectly understood those who could not YET see the beauty. I truly hope they take the time to discover the gifts of introversion. So I’m writing this to help.

I made a big promise in the title – stating that the steps would be easy. Clickbait or not, I want you to hear my definition of easy in this content. Easy doesn’t mean instant or immediately achievable. Easy means you’ve already felt the joy before. You might have got a glimpse of introversion’s magic. What I meant is that happiness is definitely achievable as an introvert. 

ways to enjoy introversion

1. Embrace it

The day I discovered the word “introvert” was the day my life was about to change. Now, don’t think for a second that pride was to follow and I felt blessed.  Finding out I was an introvert meant hope to me. It was a subtle “maybe”. That kind of Maybe… there’s nothing wrong with me.

I’ve read and connected with my kind since then. Loving who I am is a long, fulfilling process. I still explore my temperament, and I honestly find it beautiful.

Why is it important to embrace introversion?

You won’t have to fake it anymore. If you accept who you are, you won’t force yourself to hide it so much. You’ll learn to give yourself the time to the think about what you’re about to say, without worrying silence is awkward to the person you’re talking to. A Well, let me think about it… will not feel like a strange thing to say anymore.

You’ll respect yourself more. When you discover how many details you notice, unlike others, you’ll be able to turn that into something more. And when you realize what a great listener you are, you can become a storyteller. When you see how much you care, you’ll think Hey, I might be a good human.

It will feel refreshing. 

2. Improve your skills

What do you fantasize about? Wait, let me rephrase that. After an argument, do you think about the better things you could have said? Do you ever imagine yourself holding a speech with extroverted courage about something that matters? Do you think your voice could make a difference, if only you’d be brave enough to give it a try?

Many introverts envy extroverts for their ability to make communication seem easy. Talking fluently and logically while being charismatic is something introverts daydream about (me included). 

If you want to talk like an extrovert, remember: communication is a skill. Like any other skilled, it can be learned. Practicing it won’t teach you to find the joy in small talk, but you’ll learn to enjoy meeting new people and discovering their little quirks.

If you want to be a leader, keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to take decisions on the spot confidently. There are many leaders out there that can teach you to listen to your team carefully, and then decide on the best well-thought strategy.

When I was a university student I attended a teaching course. The idea of sharing knowledge seemed something I could love. However, once I was in front of the classroom, every tiny cell in my body screamed at me to get the hell out of there. I put on my best extroverted mask and I went with it. Surprisingly, I was even highly rated by the teachers assisting me. 

Funny story, nowadays I work as an online teacher. Although there are pros and cons, I can say I enjoy it. I use my skills such as listening actively, giving praise that is not interpreted as fake, analyzing and understanding the person I’m working with, so as my teaching style is suitable.

My point is: Being an introvert should never limit you. You can always improve and find your way of doing things. 

3. Find the Grey

I recently made a video on this theme. I hope this inspires your vision on who you are.

4. Do more of what you love

Most introverts absolutely love spending time alone. Yet, they refrain from solitary activities, simply because these are not “socially acceptable”.  The first and most important approval should come from yourself. Please read the previous sentence again.

Treat yourself with love and show yourself there’s nothing wrong with your hobbies. If you spend even a few hours the way you like, you’ll feel empowered.

5. Find your family

I hope you were always supported. I hope your parents bought you books, art supplies, and praised your unique way of looking at the world. I hope you painted purple cats and no one tried to tell you that’s an inadequate colour. 

Introverts are born introverts. It’s not something that changes in time. Several studies have proved so.It’s your perspective that makes the BIG difference. Any family should be welcoming and accepting, but we all know it’s not always the case, sadly.

However, it’s never too late to find your family. Those who are not related to you, but see and appreciate you for your qualities. If extroverts go to parties to meet people, introverts don’t even leave their lovely homes to do so. There are many online groups for introverted people. See where you feel at home. 

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