Monthly Archive: March 2018

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Effective ways to study

Welcome! If you clicked on this article, then maybe you’re interested in new, efficient ways to study. I already appreciate you so much! 😊 Keeping your mind open to new strategies is admirable. 🌈 Before I...


My Spring/Easter DIY Attempt

What better way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday if not by creating something colorful and cute? Inspired by Pinterest crafts, I went out and bought cute and bright supplies.🌟🙌   For the first craft,...


Productivity – What, when, how?

Do you have any tips to start being productive? That is a question I received on We Heart It.  Firstly, I felt flattered that someone asked me that. 🌟 Secondly, …whoa, where do I begin?😂...


How to Find Your Passion

Hello, beautiful soul! Grab your map and prepare your magical skills ’cause today I’ll take you on a quest! We’re going in search of passion! ✨🙌 What?😅 The journey to a fantastical realm sounds far more...


How to improve English LISTENING

Listening is tricky. It takes time and a lot of practice. As a non-native speaker, I understand your struggles! 😋 This is why today I want to share with you some of the things that...


GirlBoss Etiquette

I am fascinated by beautiful, intelligent, strong girls/young ladies who rule the world with their style. I could never get enough of their articles, their videos and their visions!✨ Of course every girl is...

girl boss aesthetics 2

Girl Boss Aesthetics: Desk

Girl Boss Aesthetics – A concept that’s so in right now.✨ It makes me SO happy that more and more girls get inspired to follow their dreams. Productivity is the main focus, while the environment...

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