Words for Introverts

socializing as an infp 2

Socializing as an INFP

If you ask me, the four letters don’t define me, not completely. Same goes for everyone regardless of the MBTI type they got. We are shaped by many things in life: experiences, family, friends,...

Introvert's Manifesto 0

Introvert’s Manifesto

I woke up one morning with the desire to transmit everything I was feeling. This is the introvert’s manifesto, the way I see it. Just because I don’t shine brightly, it doesn’t mean that...

How Introverts Get Happy 0

How Introverts Get Happy

Are introverts happy? If you only google the word “introvert”, the question above might pop-up. I understand why an extrovert would be curious to find out what hides behind silence and a frowned look....

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