Although you’re quiet…

Did you cringe reading the title? Roll your eyes? Throw your device out the window because you’ve heard it a million times already?

No wonder! I truly get it (but I hope your phone/laptop is okay).

I specifically chose those words to make a point.

Because in life, it will be easy for people to appreciate your ability to work independently.

You will be praised for reflecting over problems and being ready to face them before they even arise.

You will be just the person someone needs to feel truly listened to.

And most of your days you will do great because of how much time you spend to prepare for what’s next.

But many will name “quiet” the counterbalance of your greatness.


Being quiet is one of the things that make you amazing

Many will point out how you’re having huge success… despite being quiet.

What they don’t see is that being quiet is exactly what makes you great.

None of your results would be possible if you didn’t read the room, listen carefully, reflect, and explore options YOUR way.

And all of those things must be done in silence.

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